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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

High School Graduation Rates Below 50% in Several US Cities

See "Report: Low grad rates in US cities", AP, 4/1/08

-lowest graduation rates reported in Detroit, Indianapolis and Cleveland, according to a report released Tuesday.

-about 70 percent of U.S. students graduate on time with a regular diploma and about 1.2 million students drop out annually.


Bobbie said...

I have seen extraordinarily bright students dropping out of high school simply because they were just bored. Our public schools today are geared toward the students who are the lowest in IQ, or at best mediocre, therefore leaving the truly gifted students bored and unchallenged. If the schools would increase the curriculum, so that these students would be better challenged, you would find that not only would the drop-out rate decrease, but that more of the truly gifted of our children would go on to higher education, and be more useful members of society

amacduffee said...

I have been teaching for 7 years and have found that our school system is failing our students. We are not creating a learning experience that best fits their needs, abilitity levels or interests. Instead we are trying to make sure that every child has the same educational experience regardless of what they need to succeed. We have taken away technical programs like auto-shop and "dumbed-down" accelerated programs to allow more students to participate. It is no wonder that we are losing so many of our students. Until the government allows teachers to controll the curriculum instead of politicians things are just going to get worse.