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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Princeton to Encourage Prefreshman to Volunteer Abroad for One Year Before College

See "Princeton plans for an early year abroad," NYT, 2/19/08, at A19

-Princeton to encourage 10% of prefreshman to go abroad before college


Thomas said...

Princeton needs this the most of any of the ivies. Once you start there, the system discourages you from leaving.

Tom '03, NYC

Thomas said...

.... I should be more precise - Princeton discourages you from leaving CAMPUS: it's inconvenient to study abroad, and the culture encourages you to get a summer internship in "the city."

Of course, some students find a way to get abroad, usually just to Western Europe. But it's not like at other schools.

A group of friends and I did a summer teaching project in Ghana one year, and I remember that the school was super nervous about it. Years later, based on what I gained from my experience abroad, I decided to come work for Projects Abroad ( http://www.projects-abroad.org ), a program that facilitates projects like this.

At the time I felt like a black sheep in the Princeton crowd. So it's nice to see the school finally doing something to address this issue.